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Welcome and prepare to be amazed… shocked… terrified and even horrified.

This is not intended for the ill or weak of heart and if you are easily offended,,, we recommend that this part of the event may not be… shall we say… for you! Children under 18 are not allowed into the movie room without parent or guardian present at all times. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND CHILDREN UNDER 12 WILL NOT BE ALLOWED AT ALL AS EVEN IF YOU ARE COOL WITH IT… OTHERS FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE ABOUT KIDS PRESENT IN FILMS THAT COULD BE “R” OR WORSE. PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE OF OTHER PEOPLES FEELINGS TOWARD THIS… THESE FILMS ARE NOT FOR KIDS.




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Crypticon KC movie rooms are intended for those 18+, our movies have adult content in them, such as violence, mature content, language, partial nudity not intended for children. We ask that you respect the decision to make those rooms 18+ excluding the kids movie times on Saturday from 11:00 AM to 2:05 PM as listed as follows.

For the Kids and all ages we are watching Saturday Only and are not part of the film festival via the Creepy Kids Double Feature Matinee showing “TBA” at 11:30 AM & ” TBA” 1:00PM


(these films are only being viewed and no other admission is being charged or billed as all rights are reserved to their rightful property owners and are free for con goers to be used as open discussion if desired per spectators).

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Here are the Cryptic Award Winners and Kansas City Premieres Exclusive to Crypticon

All films being shown or used with full consent to show per their rightful owners and are presented as winners as follows: Or are being shown as awarded and are for fan driven discussions for Q&A with actors or actresses whom played within… Celebrity Guest attending the film festival.

All selection will get shown within the event and some will become Cryptic Award Winner… What do you got!

Cryptic Award given to be announced after Film Festival as a few of the category winners will be picked by audience participation! Awards ceremony will be at 3:00PM Sunday in the same room as films played in. 



First Runner for a Cryptic Award


Director John Burr

Writers: John BurrJohn Burr

A psychological thriller set in the Arts District of downtown Los Angeles, MUSE is based on a Gaelic legend in which a fairy/demon called a Leannan Si inspires an artist while protecting him from all threats.
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Second Announcement for possible Cryptic Award


Starring Trey Harrison, Wes Reid, Michael Merchant. Written & Directed by Ron Bonk (“She Kills”). Produced by Howard Gromero, Jonathan Straiton (“Night of Something Strange”), Tim Ritter (“Truth or Dare”). Music by Emmett Van Slyke. FX by Marcus Koch (“100 Tears”, “American Guinea Pig”).

Synopsis Just when you thought it was safe to go home!
When Frank (Trey Harrison) finds his happy home under attack by a dangerous but largely unknown breed of shark, he’s enlists the aid of the world’s only “House Shark” Expert, Zachary (Michael Merchant), and a grizzled former real estate agent, Abraham (Wes Reid), to embark on a desperate quest to destroy the beast and claim back his life. It’s JAWS in a house!  

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First Short Film Announcement for a possible Cryptic Award

Synopsis: Admonition is the story of a deaf woman, Leah, (Lindsey Shope), caring for her dying mother, Theresa, (Adrienne King), who one night warns her daughter that the devil is coming for her. What ensues is a tension filled evening as Leah struggles to control her mother’s worsening mental state and a sinister presence enters the home.
Theresa – Adrienne King
Leah – Lindsey Shope
Devil – Kurt Collins
Director – Alexander Mattingly
Writer – Joe Hemphill III
Composer – Harry Manfredini
Producer – Alexander Mattingly & John Angeli
Cinematographer – Jeremy Bolden
Runtime:  8:52


Special Premiere of Crypticon Creator “Chazz DeMoss’s” GENOMORPH!
Written, Produced and Directed By Chazz DeMoss
Co Directed and Edited By Ty Marcus
Executive Produced by Jason Robinson
Screenplay By Tamara Roberson & Robina Kotek
Starring Gabriel Kamas, Kayla Sechler, Ken Melchior & Robert Larsen
Synopsis: A small Midwestern town is turned upside down as its local sheriff finds himself hunting for a missing young man. The young mans wife is at the mercy of her community and its law enforcement to help her find him and in the process it seems the body count is rising throughout the hunt. The young man finds himself in a state of amnesia and can’t recall who he is and how he got where he is. As he tries to discover his own identity he discovers strange things are happening to him and he can not control an evil that seems to be growing ever so rapidly inside him. As the horror that has hit this quiet little community has grown into something that even the sheriff and his people can’t seem to stop… the terror seems to be leaving nothing but death in its wake.
90 minutes

Runner up for a Cryptic Award in the short films catagory

Director/Writer – Tony Morales

Production – Dylan Moreno

Director of Photography – Maro Espinosa

Art Director – Sandra Márquez

Make-Up – Diana Hidalgo

Make-Up FX – Pedro de Diego

Sound – Carlos Ruiz

Original Music Composer – Jesús Calderón

Edition – Javier Gómez

Synopsis:  Since 1998, there have been continual appearances of the “Black Eyed Children” (BEC), and the consequences for those who have looked directly into their eyes of these children have been irreversible. A lady in a deathly state will receive a visit from a BEC. This visit will be accompanied not only by a night full of storms but also with an evil entity.

Run Time: 3.33 seconds

Festival Location – Movie rooms are on the Main Floor of the Civic arena as shown upon map within program.

Important Information – MOVIES/FILM FEST (18+)*After Film Festival Fun Continues


Phenious- The Clown Hosted VIP party and Movie Room

Warning to Public – Many of the films we play contain adult content, and show violence, blood, nudity, etc. Most of the films are either rated R, or are unrated. Because of this, both of the movies rooms are 18+. Children are only allowed if they are with a parent or guardian, and are not allowed to be left alone. If you or your child may find this kind of content offensive or not appropriate, do not bring them to the Movie Rooms. We are not responsible for, and will not be monitoring if a child is in the movie room without a guardian. We are not a movie theater nor child care provider.

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Pre Festival Family Fun for all ages we are watching and are not part of the film festival via the


(these films are only being viewed and no other admission is being charged or billed as all rights are reserved to their rightful property owners and are free for con goers to be used as open discussion if desired per spectators).

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