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Crypticon KC expects those who attend to follow our motto, "have fun, but don't be stupid" this includes, no over intoxication to the point of bothering others, no harassment of any kind towards others, sexual or otherwise, including hotel staff, Crypticon staff and other con goers. No fighting. If you are asked to stop bothering someone you must do so, at risk of being asked to leave the convention with no refund, or possible involvement with the authorities.

We appreciate and thank you all for helping make Crypticon a success


Q: I have a (website, blog, youtube chanel, podcast, etc.), can I come and interview the Celebrity Guests?
A: Not without a press pass.

Q: Can I get a press pass?
A: It depends.

If you are coming just to interview the Celebrity Guests, then no. If we allowed every one that asked to come and interview the Guests, they would have no time for the fans.

If you are interested in helping promote/be a sponsor of Crypticon Kansas City before the convention happens, OR you are a major news source (TV, Radio, popular entertainment website, etc) then it is possible.

We receive many requests each year, so we only allow a small amount. Email us and ask.

Q: Can I film the Celebrity Guests?
A: Not without our, AND the Celebrity Guest's permission.

*NOTE: If you are caught filming, recording, or interviewing one of our Celebrity Guest's, without BOTH our(Crypticon KC) AND their(The Celebrity Guest) permission, you WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE THE CONVENTION. NO REFUND.



Q: Is this an all ages event?
A: Yes. We are a family run convention, and we try to make a family friendly environment. However, the Movie Rooms are 18+

Q: Are kids 12 and under free?
A: Yes. However, if you buy any of the VIP packages, the kids do not get the extra stuff that comes with the packages (they still get into the show)

That means if you buy Celebrity Dinner tickets, the kids are not included in the dinner. Email Chazz at if you wanted them in the dinner as well.

This also applies to regular VIP, they will not get a T-shirt, bag, etc.

Q: I ordered my tickets, when will they be arriving in the mail?
A: We do not mail tickets. Print your receipt and bring your I.D. to the convention to pick up your tickets.


Q: How do I pick up my tickets?
A: Print your receipt and bring your I.D. to the convention.


Q: Can I get a refund?
A: No, we generally do not give out refunds of any kind.


Q: Is it possible for me to upgrade my ticket?
A: Yes, email Chazz DeMoss at


Q: Will tickets be available at the door?
A: Yes, we usually have plenty of tickets left at the door. We do recommend getting to the show early though. There is a chance that VIP tickets will sell out before the show.




Q: Do the Celebrity Guests charge for autographs?
A: Yes. Guests set their own autograph prices.


Q: Do the Celebrity Guests charge for photos?
A: It varies. The Guests set their own photo polices. Always make sure to ask a Guest before taking their picture.


Q: Will the Celebrity Guests have photos (8X10's) for me to buy?
A: Most, if not all Guests will have photos. Some will also have other items to sell/sign.

Q: Can I bring my own item to get signed?
A: Yes, most (if not all) Guests have no problem signing your own item. If your wondering about a specific item, just ask them.

Q: What days will the Celebrity Guests be at the show?
A: Unless it is noted otherwise on the Celebrity Guest page, all Guests will be there for all three days. Check the website and our Facebook page often for updates.


Q: Is there a schedule for when the Celebrity Guests will be be signing autographs?
A: Unless it is noted otherwise, all of the Guests will be at their tables signing autographs during the Ballroom Hours each day (unless they are doing a panel).

Check the Celebrity Guest page, our Facebook page, and the Q&A schedule often for updates.

Of course Guests are people too, and they may leave their table to take a break, eat, use the bathroom, etc.

If you don't see them at their table, wait a while and check again.


Q: Why did (a certain Celebrity Guest) cancel?
A: Many of the Guests we bring are working actors, directors, effects artists, etc. Most cancellations are due to work or scheduling conflicts. Their jobs ALWAYS take precedence over a convention.

Sometimes it is due to family or personal conflicts as well.

Cancellations hit us just as hard as they hit the fans. We dread having to announce them, and if possible, we try to find a replacement as fast as we can.




Q: Can I get my knife, machete, sword, signed by a guest?
A: Yes, however you should keep it covered up until you have it signed. Then cover it back up and put it in your car or hotel room. We don't want any accidents or people getting hurt.


Q: I am a cosplayer/wearing a costume to the event. Can I carry my fake gun or sword?
A: Yes. We are fine with fakes. Just be careful. Even if it is fake, if you threaten, swing/throw at, or hurt anybody, you will be asked to leave. No refunds.


Q: Can I have a real weapon as apart of my costume?
A: No. If we see it, you will be asked to put it away.

Friday: 5:00PM - 10:00PM
(VIP Entry 4:30PM)
Saturday: 12:00PM - 8:00PM
(VIP Entry 11:30AM)
Sunday: 11:00AM - 5:00PM
(VIP Entry 10:30AM)