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If you would like to become a sponsor of Crypticon Kansas City please contact the convention coordinator.
We have something available for every budget no matter how big or small.
Chazz DeMoss
Phone: 612-306-8559

Crypticon, begins its marketing at the beginning of each year allowing up to 8 months of marketing to our direct sponsors,
depending on how soon you have participated with this majorly attended event, now gathering the community for 5 years. 

You need not be  "horror related " to participate. Our convention goers need insurance, eat at restaurants, go to movies, read books, wear jewelry etc. Crypticon Kansas City is a community based convention.  If you'd like to reach a large number of potential customers, advertising with us is a good way to do that.

Sponsor Gets 300 bulk items of their choice placed into our VIP bags. (You provide a flyer, coupon, promo item, marketing materials, or sample product, etc), cost $50.00 per item at 300 pieces to be placed in our VIP bags. (examples of items in the past have been, pens, water bottles, candy bars, toys, coupons, flyers) 

Sponsor Gets 8.5 x 5.5 full color ad in our program @ 3,000 pieces and is handed out to each ticket buyer within the show event. Cost $100.00

Sponsor gets all of Level  A & B listed above for  a discount cost of $125.00

Sponsor gets logos on all flyers produced, and on website, we do over 60,000 flyers and posters ( the time you purchase depends on how many you get in on) through out a five state area as well as KC and surrounding cities.  Cost $225.00 (also gets a $50 discount from a single table if purchased). Based on single table pricing. 

Sponsors Get everything Level A thru D get combined at a majorly discounted price with a cost of $300,00 (also gets a $50 discount towards the cost of a table at the show.)  Based on single table pricing.

Our Premium Sponsor offering is to have your logo at the header of all of our advertising materials as listed above as your logo Presents our event along with all of A thru E for the incredible price $700.00  There is only one of these available. ( also can get a $50 discount towards the cost of a table up to two tables at the show)  Based on single table pricing.  

Thanks for supporting independent arts such as film makers, graphic artist, writers, make up artist, tattoo artist, and so much more. Crypticon Conventions